5ick 0f 5hit!

Finally just so intolerably 5ick 0f [all the] 5hit that is constantly assaulting everyone, I've decided to speak out against it. So this blog is for that one and only purpose: My lashing out against all that is wrong in the world. How original, huh? LOL!


MySpace.com’s Nudity, Erotica, and Softcore Pornography!

The only reason MySpace.com is popular is because any horn dog, slut, whore, or perv that comes along can create an account and post any pictures they so desire. MySpace.com takes NO responsibility in monitoring or censoring any pictures on MySpace.com. They leave it up to discerning individuals out there (who may find something offensive) to click on a “complaint” button to notify MySpace.com about something that should not be there in the first place. So, duh, of course none of the horn dogs, sluts, whores, or pervs that have accounts on MySpace.com are going to report anything. They don’t want to lose access to such trashy content! And, duh, of course now we’ve got all these suggestive photos, not to mention all-out NUDE PHOTOS, spread all over MySpace.com! And MySpace.com conveniently sidesteps blame ‘cause they put a little button that you, the viewer, can click to notify them about anything you don’t like. Well then THAT is making YOU and ME the monitors and censors of MySpace.com. Why isn’t MySpace.com doing their own damn job? Why isn’t MySpace.com taking proper responsibility for what they have created and what they are allowing? Yes, I’m sick of this sh!t. I’m sick of coming across nude photos on MySpace.com when MySpace.com says that NO NUDE PHOTOS are to be uploaded. That seems pretty easy to understand. So WTF? Why isn’t ANYONE paying attention? And since clearly nobody is paying attention, why isn’t MySpace.com doing something about the obvious and blatant disregard for the rules? Bottom line: MySpace.com is to blame; MySpace.com is at fault. MySpace.com should be burned at the stake, in my humble opinion. They don’t deserve their popularity. They don’t deserve their kudos. And they certainly don’t deserve the money they’re making hand over fist. MySpace.com is built on a foundation of immorality. What weak “ethical values” MySpace.com has is nothing more than implied by a few strategically placed words and website options. In truth, it’s all just bullsh!t designed to cover their @ss in a court of law. In truth, their tactics only allow for the creation, maintenance, and growth of a trashy website that is praised left and right for being the Internet’s next gift to man! Well I’m here to tell you it isn’t a gift. MySpace.com is just one more of many countless mediums out there spreading filth right under your nose. All the while you think it’s good for you. Well it’s not. Open your eyes! And it certainly is NOT good for our CHILDREN! You want children being exposed to that filth? Nude photos left and right. MySpace.com is nothing more than a publicly-accepted website of nudity, erotica, and softcore pornography! Granted, that - in and of itself - is nothing to go running to the shed for the pitchforks and torches; however, that MySpace.com is targeting young adults, and is already being used by tens of thousands of kids and teenagers IS something you SHOULD be up in arms about! If you doubt this, take some time to create a MySpace.com account, and start browsing profiles. If this article did NOT make you aware of the truth, your time on MySpace.com will be an eye-opening experience.

Making you aware, one post at a time,
5ick 0f 5hit